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and it is the quiet area of contra costa, the person the police department is searching for. and for the second time in two days, the president is sworn in and what he did after to to saver the moment. good morning everybody, it is tuesday january 22nd, i am brian flores. >> other changes are ahead. here is steve. >> that is true. we had beautiful spectacular weather and this could lead to more rain wednesday but even though highs are on the mild
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side they are beginning to come down. here is sal. on contra costa as you drive between walnut creek and oakland it has been a nice drive with no major problems. also it looks good a long mouth pound 101. at 42 let's go back to the desk. an officer is recovering after being shot on duty. one suspect in is custody on a another is on the run. >> reporter: an officer just told me a short time ago, the two men are on the run as far as he knows. they are wanted in connection for a shooting and as you can see the s.w.a.t. team remains on scene and they are focused on a house up there
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on the left side but they are mostly just doing collection. they had four square blocks locked down. this situation am began last night when three armed men opened fire on an officer and hitting an officer in the arm. they were able to take the two into custody but the other than escaped. we want to cast a wide net pause we want to make sure that the community does not suffer any injuries as a result of this. >> and the two armed men are remaining in this area and they are asking neighbors. i i can tell you the officer
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who was hurt was part of an investigation on sunday when he was shot and the three armed men confronted that officer but he was shot live this morning in oakland ktvu channel 2 morning news. however injured him and it happened on brett and grandville drive. the teens ranging from 15 and 16 years old and the teens were standing in front of a home when somebody shot them in front of as aing car. the suspect vehicle is described as a highway sedan. it happened last night and the crash came town the poles and a
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motor home was also damaged, a car left his car at the crash scene and ran off and they are looking to restore power after being protect in office. >> preserve protect defend, so help me god? >> so head me god. >> in his inauguration speech yesterday president barack obama repeated some of his messages of his calm pain. our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and some barely make it. >> he said i want to take
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another look one more time and i am not going to say this again. it was much easier to get around and lines were easier to get in but overall said the organize was better. >> there is not as many people as before but the feeling is still amazing and it is still full of hope. >> he walked part of the parade route am and they concluded with inn ago racingnal am -- inaugurational parties. good song, jennifer hudson performed let's stay together as they fansed at the commander
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and chief bowl and now for the president's campaign staff, lady gah-gah will reportedly head that. and we will more on our website they decided whether to approve a consulting contract for william bradden. they don't like that he stopped and supported frisked at it particular. if approve, they pay the consult ising firm they will help catch the thieves who stole 12 cars. i opened monday morning. they took off with a dozen high- end vehicles over the course of an hour. >> that is not right but we
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started with basically nothing. >> the family estimates their loss at $200,000 and one audi was recovered after it ran nearby. they have not made any arrests. the tanker hit the eastern most tower on the western span on january 7th. caltrans did their job and protect the bridge structure it costs between 2 and $3 million. they began cutting out the 4th bore and the 5th project is moving into the final phase and opening a 4 relative humidity bore will -- 4th bore will
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allow things to move quickly especially during rush hour. we willing to well around the bay. if you are driving, you are going all the way to the berkeley area. i'm sure it's not going to be as good as it was yesterday. and if you are driving in san jose, northbound 280 looks good getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. >> thank you and now there is two parts one toes north and one to the south which is moving very slowly. filtered sun in the morning and then we'll see increasing clouds and lows have been coming up and the antioch
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temperature is close to the bay so i know it is about 34 and 34 but these temperatures are just at one low occasion, we are starting to see a change in the pattern, we'll see up criesing clouds or a southerly breeze is beginning to kick in. still a mild day for some, it my be. the first system coming through does not do a lot but it looks a lot better than it is usually. i think we will bet back to some rain what do you think? >> well, two home invasion
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robberies have neighbors on edge and police department is planning for a rowdy situation coming up. >> we will have more on the weather forecast straight ad had.
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. good morning skies are turning cloudy and we will have highs in the 60s with mostly cloudy skies by this afternoon. good morning, 4:45, the 4.9 magnitude quake and after shock came 26 minutes later, a young girl was found dead in her home buried under some rubble. in 2005 there was another earth
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wake most in that province. it started in a civil engineering squad drone and one person was able to get out safely. the cause of the fire is still under rex. they are hoping -- the cause of this still is still not known. they are hoping to catch the suspect, they escaped after getting through bullet proof glass. up to five armed masked robbers forced their way through and four minutes later, they reportedly punched a woman, locked her husband in the basement, the suspects got away with jewelry and they were last seen driving away in a gray suv.
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a second jury trial is expected for deborah madden. she is wanted for deception and her first trial ended in a hung jury. they agreed she stole cocaine but did it by means of deception. they rallied against guns and pushed dr. martin luther king, jr.'s message of nonviolence. [ music... ] >> they spoke out bringing the -- at a bringing the noise event. >> the guns inside of us we struggle to put down every day, let us raise every voice and speak the world a new world to be. >> reporter: they talked about the mass shooting in newtown 
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connecticut and they talked about their own bay areas. they had a gun surrender event and was skill back in exchange for the weapons. last week the county collected 827 gun owners and the event had to run out of money. they hope to pay off those vouchers by february 15th. and san mateo is hosting a gun buy back and any one can surrender weapons no questions asked and up to $200 is offered for an a all an assault weapon. it does look good approaching the 880 split and we are looking at some pretty
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food commutes if you are getting on the road early. and from the east bed, no trouble on the bridge itself. nice start for all the major freeways. some higher clouds are coming in although it will inch its way towards us and turning partly cloudy to mostly patchy and we have 2s and 30s and 40s and temperatures seemed to hold up but in the morning and clouds will slowly increase more of a westerly breeze. and that will be scran gilroy
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will be close los gatos 66 and pleasanton 65. a little more cloudiness, looks like rain huge diskreps i and we will be moving in later. governor jerry brown was at a funeral for a police officer killed in the line of duty. he was shot while investigating a burglary and then the suspect killed himself. well today marks the first anniversary roe versus wade legalizing abortion. the subject is still ahead for debate and 70% of adults oppose roe versus wade and that's the
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highest percentage and new state laws three problems on that. home values are up 15% in the last year and in forecast alameda counties could be up another 10% by the end of this year. they have watched the available homes shrink. >> it is not to go over offer but in lots of situations there is multiple bidding. >> but those numbers are across a wide region and people should focus on bay area residents. average rents in the east bay peninsular san francisco were nearly unchanged in the 4th
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quarter of last year. average rents it decide as for the leveling off. one of the big story lines is two brothers coaching against each other. but jim harbaugh wants the focus to be elsewhere. >> they are the ones who have the most to do with it and they are the ones we should been talking about. they will probably exchange a few text messages but they will prepare for the meeting in new orleans. they are counting down for the super bowl sunday and san francisco police are also getting ready for the super bowl game after after the championship game on sunday, there could be a lot more
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trouble after ending in the dark >> when it is at nighttime, people tend to drink a little bit more. >> police are also studying tapes of the nighttime riots that won the world series in october. rowdy fans torched a $700,000 muni bus. the leader is fighting to keep the sacramento kings in sacramento. steinberg is angry he is buying the team. now they want to make all public dollars paid to microsoft and he is suggesting that the move should be to seattle. how the grounding of 787s is affecting people in the area and we will have more on what
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airlines are willing to help. and it is in the water because because of roe versus wade.
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. welcome back, time now 4:51, several people had to be rescued in just three days. the latest was when a surfer
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got stranded on ocean beach. he got tired and climbed up on to the rock while his friend called for help. when rescue teams came they called and brought him back to shore. >> know what your skill level is because the water has been rough. >> it had rescue teams very busy and on saturday and sunday they had five other water rescues, high currents are expected today. the dreamliner he jets move today. all are grounded after battery fires are found in japan. they will start with a battery charger and there is a second investigation on the dream liners as well. >> because all of the airlines are grounded, they have announced they will not fly at
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least three next monday. they are going on to the larger planes that drive and it is also booking united airlines flight. mayor ed lee is tearing it down from 16th street to the park. it will be replaced by street level boulevard and mayor ed lee said it could facilitate the use of high speed rail. right now no normal plans have been made. let's look at the traffic with sal amount. >> we start with 880 which is moving nicely as you pass the coliseum and westbound traffic
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is moderately heavy coming up to the toll plaza. no trouble deck and northbound 101 and sought bound 10 -- southbound 101 is still doing well. 49 balmy degrees in san francisco is a there is some areas that are very warm, santa rosa 30s, napa 30s and we will start off sunny and this will be a slow moving system and it will merge as two systems will merge tomorrow. high clouds today but sunny for a while and he hazy skies as they filter in low 60s now. everybody will filter off in
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santa cruz and 74 and i am pretty sure that was it, really warm towards santa cruz, cloudy, not a lot of rain, but with your weekend always in view cloudy friday and saturday and another round arrives and that will be colder as well. thursday night the community in contra costa county will talk about closing the fire station along with stations in lafayette clayton and martinez. they were shuttered to help close a budget deficit. a man who escaped from a california prison has been captured after 17 years on the run. jose was living in a home in southern california. he was convicted for a couldn't sold substance for sale. he is now at the county ups
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actual for men. a flight to new orleans will new orleans will be on wait. and as you drive over to 101 and 280 is also looking good in the south bay, stay with us and we will have a report on all the bay area commutes as morning news continues.
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